Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Caribbean Coast

We have finally arrived at our first destination in Costa Rica! It was planned to be here already one day earlier, but what can we say? Condor airlines screwed up our time schedule. 🙂 The problem was a not functioning toilet in the airplane which could not be repaired before 11pm – and that was the time the night curfew began, so no allowance for airplanes to take off.  All 253 passengers needed to leave the airplane again (without our luggage, that would have taken too much time and additionally, all aiport workers were already at home ;)), meet at the gate to go through immigration again, get some shuttle buses to the next hotel close by to fly off the next day at 2pm. What a thrilling start for our trip. 😉


At some point we luckily arrived in San Jose, taking a taxi to our hostel and try to get some sleep. Of course we woke up super early, being in the middle of our jetlag! 🙂 We left the hostel to walk to the bus station “Atlantico Norte” in San Jose to catch the 10am bus to Puerto Viejo. Since our experience with buses in other countries told us to be prepared for an AC close to minus temperatures, we boarded the bus with long pants and an extra long sleeve – big mistake! It was so hot in that bus with no AC that this was the first lesson learned: better don’t prepare for cold buses. 😉 Arriving in Puerto Viejo, we were fascinated by the village – easy going, hippies selling selfmade bracelets, rastas listening to reggae…so diversified! And the craziest thing: right in front of our hostel is the black beach – seriously, black sand….so amazing.

IMG_0096[1]    IMG_0080[1]

Since Costa Rica is in the middle of the rainy season (May – Nov.), the rivers are full with water and everything is wonderful green. It can also mean that it rains all day long (what a luck that we invested in some rainjackets and rain covers for our backpacks) or you get up in the morning and the sun is shining for a nice day …every day a new surprise. 🙂

To see the beautiful beaches surrounding the area, we rented some bikes and drove around to the next villages along the coast.  We spend almost the whole  day on the beach – la pura vida! 🙂 Tomorrow we will be enjoying a nice hike in the area of Manzanillo.

IMG_0092[1]   IMG_0105[1]

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3 thoughts on “Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Caribbean Coast

  1. Hallo ihr beiden! Zum Glück seit ihr nicht in Eile, so dass solche “kleinen” Verspätungen euch sicherlich nicht stören 🙂
    Die Bilder sind traumhaft, v.a. der schwarze Sand. Bin gespannt auf weitere Fotos 🙂
    LG Danijela

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallo Jakub,
    das ist ja ganz eindeutig nach dem Motto: “Wenn einer eine Reise tut dann kann er was erzählen. 😉
    Viel Spaß noch weiterhin.


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