La Fortuna, North-West Costa Rica

Wow, what a long day of travelling! In the afternoon, after a long day we arrived in La Fortuna. For the first time, we haven’t booked any hostel in advance, so our first big task was to go search an accommodation for the next days.

The first thing we noticed on La Fortuna was the wondeful climate there. It was way different to the cities at the coast line; fresher and easier to breathe. Of course, the most impressive characteristic was the big volcano „El Arenal“, which was visible even from the city center! Mostly the top of it hid behind clouds, only in the morning at around 6am we could see a little bit of it…


Our search for a hostel was tricky, since the prices were pretty high (very touristic spot we noticed). Luckily, we searched in advance for some places to stay online and remembered one cheap hostel close by – that was the one we decided for in the end. It was the best hostel we had so far with great welcoming people and a big room (“Hotel Dorothy”). What did we learn? Better book something in advance, because prices might be even better online. 🙂

The next day we got up early to walk to the waterfall „La Catarata“. It was approx. 5km from the city center and when we finally got there, we couldn’t wait to take a dive in the 20 degrees cold water – so amazing! After the Waterfall we did a small stop in spot which locals know as ‘El Salto’ – local kids jump in the water from a roap or just from the stone from approx. 10m. Of course we tried it, too and it was a lot of fun to jump into the clear waters of El Arenal river  🙂  Even more stunning was the following day, on which we hiked up the „Cerro Chato“ volcano. The hike up was really challenging at some spots and after reaching the summit of the volcano we decided to climb down and swim in the green volcano lake; pure nature in the clouds, it was worth the bumpy hike up with roots aggravating it. 😉

DSC05065      DSC05054      DSC05080

For our last day in La Fortuna we booked an afternoon tour to do Ziplining. We had so much fun flying through the jungle! To end this day, we enjoyed the hot springs close to a hotel complex – the water comes right from the volcano and is wonderful warm. Great day and so much fun stuff to do in La Fortuna. 🙂

IMG_0250[1]     IMG_0242[1]

So Pura Vida la Fortuna and see you soon Nicaragua 😉

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