Nicaragua – Little Introduction

So here we are in Nicaragua. 🙂 Since we were close to the borders and anyway had tickets for a bus here, why not visiting the Republic of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is  the largest country in the Central American with its 130375 km2 and 6,2 milion inhabitants – it has a little bit more than Slovakia 🙂 The capital city –  Managua – is third largest city in Central America .


Nicaragua, as many other countries was conquered from the Spanish Empire in the 16th century and gained its independence back in 1821. From this time on, the history of Nicaragua was connected with many ‘dominant’ nations as UK, USA,… after which was rulling the Somosa Dynasty until the revolution in July 1979.

Nicaragua has three distinct geographical regions: the Pacific lowlands – fertile valleys which the Spanish colonists settled, the Mountains (North-central highlands), and the Mosquito Coast (Atlantic lowlands/Caribean lowlands). Nicaragua is sitting on its 19 vulcanoes, from which some of them are still active…

Nicaragua shelters  248 species of amphibians and reptiles, 183 species of mammals, 705 bird species, 640 fish species and about 5796 species of plants.

28 Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO – Nicht in Ordnung 😀 ) are ca. 1 USD

So far we can say is that  in Nicaragua you see a strong presence of Nicaraguan army, maybe it is only because we are close to the borders? To tourist, the are army is always nice and really polite. There is defintely a problem with migration of Nicaraguan citizens whom are trying to leave the country and emigrate to neighbouring Costa Rica.

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