Time Out – we Relax

14.11.16 – 21.11.16

We arrived in Chile in this super tiny village called San Pedro de Atacama – the sun is shining, people wear shorts and Tshirt and it feels like actual vacation. 🙂 We head to one cafe on the main plaza (they have Wifi here, in the city, wow!) to check what to do next and decide to book a tour for the evening to the famous “Valle de la Luna”, the moon valley. As you can guess, this valley is called like this due to the bizarre landscape which resembles the area on the moon. 🙂 We’re really impressed by the rock formation and the dry area! As it gets later in the evening, we wanna see the moon rise – this night is the night of the super moon. We wait forever as it seems in the cold and windy night until the moon finally rises and it’s an amazing moment – the mountain scenery combined with no light pollution at all is wonderful.


img_3381 img_3391 img_3396 img_3378

Our plan was then to head to Salta in Argentina the next day, but since there is no bus for this day we stay another night in our 12 bed dorm (private rooms are seriously expensive in Chile ;)) and catch a bus the next day.

For the next 10 hours we have stunning views from our seats, crossing the Andes and having endless mountain landscapes. We cannot wait to arrive in Salta and finally settle down for the next 5 days, because this is what the plan for the following days looks like: doing absolutely nothing! 🙂 We feel exhausted from these indeed beautiful, but challenging last weeks. So many new experiences and impressions we have to digest, which is why our private Airbnb apartment seems like the perfect get-away until Ella arrives and Patagonia welcomes us. The apartment is perfect for our needs, we enjoy cooking and pancakes in the morning, work on the blog (the internet was sooo fast – the first time in a while that we don’t share it with a crowd of hostel people) and organize our weeks after Patagonia. Christmas is coming soon and we have big plans: we’ll be staying in Hawaii, woop woop!! 🙂 From 16th of December until 8th of January the island of Maui is our home, beach and sun we’ll be our Christmas decoration and bananas and mangos our Christmas cookies. 😉 So different to the Christmas we know from home and to be honest, I miss the beautiful decorated cities, the Christmas markets and Glühwein, cookies and just the smell of a Christmas atmosphere. But let’s see how we will experience Christmas this year and what New Years Eve will be like…

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