Fiji – Bula, tropical paradise!

9.1.17 – 20.1.17

Whenever we write an article for our blog we are like “Man, we were on the Fiji Islands, how cool is that?!” 🙂 And interestingly, it is not as expensive as you might think. Our impression of Fiji was this posh rich-people island we leave totally broke and ready to fly home. What we got was backpackers everywhere, many coming from/going to New Zealand or Australia and modest prices for food and accommodation (okay, it was a 16-bed dorm, but comfy anyway!). Most of the people were – surprise – German travelers! What a crazy travel nation these Germans are … 😉


Our first days on Fiji we spent close to Nadi, trying to cope the loss of one day – flying from Hawaii to Fiji caused 23hours time difference and hence, we never lived the 8th of January 2017. 😀 Other than that we organized the following days: we wanted to go on an Islands hop trip around the Yasawa islands close to Fiji. In total, 333 belong to the mainland and 3 of them we wanted to discover within the next 6 days! Early in the morning we boarded the huge Catamaran, basically the water taxi for all the islands the tourists can visit. Within the next 5 hours we shipped along so many stunning and beautiful islands, crystal clear water, amazing to see!



Our first island was one of the remotest ones and shortly before they droped us off it was pouring! We tried to hide our backpacks and ourselves in black plastic bags, but 5min before we needed to leave the boat it stopped raining, thank you! A small side boat took us to the island and we immediately felt comfortable with our travel group – our honeymoon couple Evelyn and Isaac from LA and Debbie from the Netherlands. I think we will have tons of fun on the islands… 😉 Our first dinner was very traditional and consisted of rice and the local Casawa root, which reminded us a lot of the Yuka-food in Colombia.
Expect for one small walk through the island to another beach, our days were pretty lazy here. We enjoyed the bathtub warm water and jumped in the ocean as often as possible. Here we really got in touch with the locals, because the resort is family owned. One small kid was really cute and kept playing around us, but whenever we tried to talk to him (we asked for his name, “Bill”) he wouldn’t respond or say anything….well, in the end it turned out that “Bill” is actually a girl and he’s not deaf as we had assumed, he was simply a girl named Casey…oh god. 😀 Who got this whole thing wrong in the first place?!



On the 3rd day we moved to another island, Naviti island. The staff welcomed us with a big “Bula!”, which means hello in Fijian and sang a song. This day we learned that some days ago the islands had a tsunami warning and everyone needed to move to the highest spot possible on the island. All of a sudden we for the first time thought about this major danger and wondered how we would ever survive on such a small island! Everything would be just washed away…scary.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of the morning drum, calling us for breakfast. But wait, isn’t it one hour too early…? Oh no, as we learn, the time has been changed here , makes sense…but Ellen in her German way of thinking almost loses her s***…”why has no one told us this earlier, could they not have made an announcement?!?! What is wrong with these people, why did no one say anything yesterday….”. Haha. 🙂 This is obviously the Fiji time everyone talks about here – whenever we would ask for something like pick up time, they’d say “10am, but Fiji time people!”. Means: add another 30min and you know when to be ready. 😉

The humid and hot days here were really hard to get used to, but our animation team from the island did everything to distract us, such as presenting us the “Gecko Man”, a local guy who has learned to climb a palm tree up, get the coconuts and climb down, head first!!


Our last island on the 5th day is probably the smallest one we’ve ever seen in our lives – it took us solid 5 minutes to walk around it…haha. 🙂 We enjoy a crazy delicious dinner and a whole next day full of sunshine, snorkeling, submarine ride around the reef and good talks.




What a privilege to travel as we do…seeing so many different countries, cultures and climate zones, meeting awesome people and live our lifes to the fullest! Thanks also to our best Fiji companions possible – we cannot wait to meet you, Evelyn, Isaac and Debbie again, some day somehow. 🙂 We shared so much fun, laughter, sweat plus mosquito bites like with no one else, haha 🙂