Thailand – Two Nights in Bangkok!

5.4.17 – 7.4.17

It is serious: our very last destination on our trip around the world is Bangkok! We think we could have not chosen a better place, especially when we hear that our friend Jasmin moved there in January and will do some sightseeing with us! 🙂

But first, arrival at the airport, getting a taxi to our guesthouse (apparently there’s no bus going in our area), being suspicious about the driver asking for 120 Baht to pay the highway fee, but gives the lady in the box only 70…we accuse him of stealing money from us when we realize that there is another checkpoint coming up…poor man!! What a luck that he didn’t speak a word English and didn’t understand what we said. That’s a sad part which happened to us: in countries we don’t speak the native language, the feeling of being ripped off instantly shows up, although there’s mostly no reason for it. We need to get rid off this!

Anyway, our nice taxi driver drops us off at our guesthouse, where we’re super happy about our big room with AC, only to discover that the leaking noise doesn’t come from the bathroom but from the AC dripping on the floor and bed. Damn it!

The night in our smaller room went by fast and at 11am we meet Jasmin in front of the Wat Pho temple. To not get in trouble, Jakub and I both buy some light pants to cover our legs from a lady in a small store for 5$ – they can have strict clothing rules in relegions places here  🙂 The temple is huge and displays the lying Buddha, an enormous golden statue of, yep, a lying Buddha.

It’s great to talk to Jasmin and learn more about her encounter with the Asian culture – she adores the food and loves the friendliness of the Thais. We agree! 😉 Our next sightseeing spot is the Wat Saket, the Golden Mountain, where we have a great overview of the city and enjoy a cup of coffee.

For the evening, Jasmin invited us to her place to enjoy the…INFINITY POOL! 🙂 What a spectacular view from this pool we have over Bangkok, wow!

To end this wonderful night we head to a skybar with Jasmin and Dörthe, a colleague of hers. We treat ourselves with very delicious sushi and good drinks – we could have not had a better last evening on our trip. It was perfect!

The very last day we move in another hostel close to the airport since our flight departures at 4am and we don’t wanna cruise for 1 hour through Bangkok. Since we have all day to get there, we go for an adventure and take the public bus. 😉 From our hostel receptionist we learn that bus No 59 goes directly to the train station we need to catch the train in direction airport. At the bus stop however, one man tries to tell us with wild gestures that bus No 12 is the right one…but it does not leave here. Huh?! In the end, one English speaking Thai lady sends us 300m down the road to another bus stop where No 44 brings us to the train. So funny. 😀 And it took us only 1.5 hours, haha.

In the hostel, we try to organize our luggage for the next day. Interestingly, neither Jakub nor I are nervous or sad to go home. The time has come to return to Germany and we think we had enough time to “prepare” for it. And of course, we look forward to hug our families, get back in touch with friends, meet the 5 babies who were born when we were gone and to realize: actually, nothing has changed but us…

It was a crazy time, we had so much fun, we crossed borders, sweated, laughed, felt real fear,…but we’re most thankful for the wonderful people we met who made this trip a little bit more special than it already was. And we’re really thankful that we had not been robbed, did not lose our passports, did not get sick with any crazy virus but return home safe and sound.

La Vida es Loca! ❤


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