Believe it or not, it’s been more than 3 weeks now that we’re back home – wow! Just like on the trip, time is passing by so fast here so that we cannot even fully comprehend that our journey has come to an end…

You would like to know: how ist it back home? How do you feel? How ARE you?

Whenever people ask me this question, I think for myself I would need an hour to explain you truly how I feel, what the trip was like, how and what has changed in me,…most importantly, both Jakub and I were fine with flying home. There was no big farewell-kind-of-thing, no weeping, no big emotions. We have seen so many countries, more than some of our friends or family have ever seen or will see in their lifes! We have met countless wonderful, heartwarming people and we learned: wherever you go, you’ll always find a friend, a nice person who helps you and advices you with whatever you need.

There were a lot of adventures on our trip: ziplining through Costa Rican rainforest, sailing on a boat to Panama, encountering sea lions on Galapagos, hiking to get to see Machu Picchu, tenting in wild Patagonia, secretly climbing up the stairway to heaven on Maui, buying a car and drive into freedom in New Zealand and skydive (to death! ;)), snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, a jungle trip in Cambodian untouched jungle…we didn’t have any To-Do list, no bucket list with things we really wanted to do. Because we’re convinced this would have developed into “tasks” you check off the list but don’t fully immerse in it. Almost everything we experienced was planned on the spot, by checking the world wide web for recommendations or talking to other travellers! Everything we did was breathtaking. Every cent we spent was worth it.

Travelling as a couple can be challenging, I do not wanna lie. 😉 But our relationship grew even stronger in these 9 months and we realized: there is not a lot we need in this life, except for each other, a backpack full of clothes, nature,…okay okay, probably a cell phone and that’s it. 🙂 We were most happy when we stood on the top of a mountain, knowing we just made it up this damn stony path (mostly I was very relieved) to see more beauty around us.

Our welcome commitee at Frankfurt airport was wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. 🙂 I hugged my 90year old grandma no one could talk out of coming to the airport, got some really good swabian bread, cried and laughed, was surprised by the fact that Jakub’s mum and boyfriend were there as well (my father has secretly planned this, thank you dad!!), just enjoyed the moment…but then I was back home and started unpacking my backpack, and felt a little panicky. My backpack, my whole world in the past 9 months, was empty and all the clothes I still had were somewhere in some boxes. I lost my overview of everything I owned…fortunately, after sorting out 5 full bags of clothes I got over this quickly. 😉

So, to answer your questions: we feel good at home, especially being back with family and friends makes us happy. We feel that our experience has changed the way we see the world – we try to be more aware of the environment, try to not waste water disrespectfully, plan on buying only clothes and shoes we really need (mostly me), being happy with what we actually own and how easy our life is here.

But it is also the conviction that our trip has not really ended yet. We are back in Germany now, another stop in the world, where we probably spend the next years and call it our “homebase”. 😉 Still, we wanna travel again, discover remote places and countries, learn new languages, reach our limits,..most likely not for such a long time again, to be honest. 🙂 So it might happen that our followers on this blog receive some new stories to read from vacation trips!

Now, we want to say thank you to families & friends who were always with us and supported us with everything we needed. Thanks to the thousands of followers reading our blog (haha) and everyone we met on our trip. It was the craziest, happiest and most wonderful time of our lives!

The world is waiting for us…collect moments, not things & remember: travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

The Globewanderers

 Deutsche Übersetzung

Slovensky Preklad

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