About Us


Hi, we’re Jakub & Ellen!  What you should know about us:


  • 28 years old Slovakian, formerly known as Project Manager in the automotive industry
  • loves to cook and eat whatever doesn’t eat him
  • sports is his addiction – at least he tries all kinds of sports
  • is most excited about Costa Rica. And Panama. And Colombia. And Hungary. And….all countries
  • still writes his bucket list



  • 28 years old German, used to be HR Business Partner at an IT company…although having no clue of IT
  • loves her small red backpack (although it hardly fits everything she needs)
  • leaves food traces everywhere around and on her
  • feels uncomfortable under water, so no scuba diving – maybe that will change during our trip…? 🙂
  • is most excited about New Zealand

And now we go on a trip around the world together!