Packing list

This whole process of creating our packing list started for us sometime in April and was improving through the time until the day of our departure. Of course, we went through many discussions as: do we need a sleeping back?  which kind of shoes should we take? what about warmer clothes?  do I need my toothbrush (Jakub)?

When it goes to the topic of packing, the best option is to use our old friend Mr. Google 🙂 so lets ask Google:

A couple of basic rules, which are always the same and recommended from various backpackers and travelers:

  • carry as less as possible
  • (almost) everything you miss during your trip you can buy

One tip from Mr. Google was especially useful for us: COMPRESSION BAGS 🙂 The only concern regarding those bags is what my clothes look like when I take them out of the bag? Hmmm…the assumption is, that they look like from ‘Cow Mouth’ ( pokrcene ako krave z pysku).

So let’s have a closer look on our packing list….


  • Backpack big ( 50l)
  • Backpack small ( 25l)
  • Snorkeling set
  • Shoes – Sandals ( those great trekking sandals)
  • Shoes – running shoes ( old, stinky but comfortable for traveling and sport activities)
  • Shoes – light trekking shoes ( just a pity is that you may not compress them, since me feet is Nr. 44 they occupy 1/5 of my backpack)
  • Shoes – flipflops
  • Zippoff pants ( 2x)
  • Shorts ( 3x)
  • jeans (1x)
  • T- Shirt ( 6x)
  • Rain Jacket – light
  • Light warmer Jacket
  • Underwear ( Not sure 4 – 6 x)
  • Socks ( 5x)
  • Beach Blanket ( Ticket to the moon – Thank you Majlo)
  • Towel ( Good recommendation is the brand “Pearl”, super strange material but light and easy to dry)
  • Laptop  + Accessories- Small 900g/ Weak processor but long battery time
  • Go Pro + Accessories, Cellphone + Accessories
  • Knife, Head lamp, Power bank, Inlet,
  • Basic medicaments and vitamins
  • Tootbrush ( Yes I took one, I had to)

Rucksack J


  • Backpack Big (50l, Ladies Fit)
  • Backpack Small (10l)
  • Shoes: Trekking (light), Sandals, Sneakers, Flip Flops
  • Jacket: Light Running Jacket, Rainjacket
  • Pants: 2 Zipp Off, 3 Shorts, 1 Jeans, 1 Leggings, 1 Loose Fit Pants
  • Shirts: 6 T-Shirts, 5 Tops, 2 Longsleeves, 2 Cardigans
  • Underwear: 2 Sports Bras, 2 Normal Bras, 10 Panties, 2 Bikinis
  • 2 Scarfs, 1 Bandana
  • 2 Towels (big and small)
  • Wash Bag (which is way too full): Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Shaver, Facial Cleaning, ….you know what girls need… 😉
  • Headlamp, Travel Adapter, Camera, small Flashlight
  • Tablet, Cellphone, Charging Devices
  • Compression Bags, Rain Covers, Inlet,
  • International Driver’s License, Passport, Vaccination Certificate, Passport Photos for VISA on-arrival

Rucksack E

It is highly possible that this page might face some updates when we start throwing or giving the first things away – we’ll keep you informed! 🙂

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