We think the best way to get an overview of all necessary vaccinations needed for which country is by visiting a specialist. We went to the Rotebühlpraxis in Stuttgart, where we felt pretty well informed. Due to our trip to Malaysia last year, our vaccination status was more or less up to date.

We both had Hepatitis A and B vaccinations as well as Tetanus and Typhus. Our doctor recommended us to get the yellow fever vaccination, too. Since we travel through South America, it might happen that at the border we would be asked to show our vaccination certificates. Additionally, we are now protected from rabies! 🙂

As for the costs, we were concerned that all the vaccinations would be really expensive – and yes, they are. Only the rabies vaccine costed 180€….additionally, we got some Malaria pills in case we would be infected. The good thing was: all the vaccinations were covered by our insurances and hence, the costs were refunded. 🙂

You can also have further information for each country on the website of Auswärtiges Amt. 

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