Let’s guess which passport has more value and open doors around the world, is it going to be the German one or the Slovak red document? 😛

Before the trip, it is definitely useful to make an overview of the current situation regarding necessary Visa and entering the countries.  We did so and here is our overview and results:

VISA overview

Tadaaaaaam, and the winner is the German passport. 😉

As you can see, most of the countries have pretty friendly tourist politics, providing turistic visa for 30 – 120 days without any bigger bureaucracy; all you have to do is fill out some papers upon arrival and smile to the police officer 🙂

What we found definitely useful: by arriving via air (airplane) to Costa Rica,  we were obligated to show tickets confirming our departure to the next country.  For example: to be allowed to board our flight in Frankfurt to Costa Rica, we had to show a document (bus or flight ticket) demonstrating that we will leave Costa Rica within 90 days. As we already knew about this fact, we bought bus tickets to Nicaragua and everything went smooth 🙂

Most of the useful information about VISA  can be found on country websites:

Slovak citizens – Visa overview

German citizens – Visa overview

During our trip, we will keep you informed about the VISA processes and give you updates acordingly.

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